Encouragement to create healthy habits with a coach to hold you accountability. 



Education is power! Understand how your body works so you can take back control and create long-lasting results.


Elevate your life! Exercise smarter, feel better, and get your confidence back. 

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Become your strongest self
with coach e

"It’s not always about the external (physical) results, in order to have a healthy physique you must start with a healthy mindset. I am happy! This has been a great tool for my diabetes management! My blood sugars are more level so now I used less insulin than I did for certain things because my body was absorbing it better and my sugars were more steady!

Erica has been the most uplifting, helpful, and knowledgeable person I’ve ever come across in the athletic training field. My standards are forever set and I refuse to accept less than what she can give. If you want to get your sh*t together and feel great within your own body, do yourself a favor and work with her. I’ll never regret it and she’s constantly teaching me new things. Thank you Coach E, for making me feel great again, I’ll always be grateful for you and your guidance!"

- Amanda F.

- Heidi r.

"When I began working with Erica, my fitness goals were to increase muscle mass and to become consistent with a strength training program. Erica’s personal training style has allowed me to not only meet my goals, but to also make new ones, such as hiking the Grand Canyon, Rim to Rim in one day. The variety of Erica's full-body workouts have kept the training both interesting and challenging. Her knowledge of anatomy and exercise physiology is very apparent in her personalized programs, as she carefully explains the purpose and the correct execution of each exercise. Most importantly, Erica is encouraging and personable, making training an enjoyable experience!"

- Ellie r.

"Working with Erica has been an incredible experience! She is so good at commending you for your accomplishments while also letting you know where you have room for improvement. She is great at explaining not only the motions of exercises, but also what muscles they target and why they are important for overall body strength. I love that she makes time to actually connect with her clients and make sure they are doing well with her workout program and with life in general. Working with Erica has given me a newfound confidence and has helped me push myself beyond what I ever thought I was capable of."


Are you ready to transform your life?

fit for life program includes:

90 Day 1-on-1 Coaching

Custom At-Home or Gym Workout Program

With Demo Videos that explain the right form & technique

Education on how to build a strong core

Nutrition Education

Custom Macros

Meal Options & Recipes

Goal Crushing Check Ins

Mindset Education & Guidance

let's do it!

let's do it!

This program is designed to teach you the tools needed to pursue your health journey and continuously see results long after the program is over. Instead of teaching you to rely on a coach, I teach you to become your own coach and become Fit for Life. 

What can you expect from the Fit for Life Program?

let's do it!

This is where you access all of your workouts and demo videos. You will also do monthly check-ins here with your coach.

We'll hop on a quick call to discuss the goals or achievements you hope to make by training with me!

Start learning the tools you need to track your macros and train effectively in the gym. Check-in weekly with your coach and apply the weekly lessons sent to your email! 

You’ll learn a lot about yourself and your body along the way, and gain the knowledge and skills needed to continue living your best life! 

This is NOT a cookie cutter program, so this application process is all about making sure we are a great fit to work together.

let's do it!

Log into your account with True Coach and get familiar with the platform

Receive your custom Macros and Training Program

Schedule a Goal Crushing Coaching Call

Decide to change your life and Apply

Achieve your goals and Create Sustainable Results

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Fit for life

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